Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dive to Metridium Fields, Monterey, CA

Managed a repeat of the Metridiums dive this weekend.

Visibility was about the same as last month, maybe a little better.

Took my GoPro this time, so captured some video of a Metridium. Unfortunately, I didn't have my green water filter on, so the colors are somewhat messed up.

Timeline for the video:
Time OffsetDescription
0:00Urchin on the pipe
0:30Traveling along the pipe (lots of sea stars
1:10Into the murkiness
1:40Arrival at the metridiums and a friendly nudi
2:00Metridium panorama
3:00Critter time: Sea hare?
3:20Critter time: Lingcod
4:05Critter time: Tiny Nudi (back on pipe)
4:20Traveling back along the pipe in the murkiness

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