Monday, December 13, 2010

Great 100th Dive

Two awesome dives in Monterey at the weekend. 

First one was at the breakwater, with a friend who's getting back into the water after a break. 

Great diving.  Visibility is the best it's been in a long time this month in Monterey.  Almost like being in a swimming pool.  We could see the anchor (*1) as we swam past it, a good 20 feet away.  Played around on the sandy bottom doing mask exchanges in 25ft.  Hardly felt the cold, got sea water in my eyes, didn't hurt in the least (*2).  Played around in the shallows, rocks and reef, towards the center of San Carlos beach, on the swim back to the beach.

After a short surface interval we were heading back out, to play some more on that same reef, when we had a mask problem, so I bailed on that dive.  It would have been my 100th dive (*3).  Disappointed I had to skip it, but I was happy to see my buddies make the dive.

Did an internship in a rescue class after that.  Rescue classes are fun.  Especially when you're the one being rescued!  That kept me busy from about 10am to 2pm.

After a few hours of being rescued I managed a dive out to the Metridium FieldsYeah!  100th dive!  Metridiums were not the best, but the views of Mola-Mola, Jellies, rock fish was wonderful. 

I learned after we returned to the beach that there are two fields of metridiums, and we've been diving the wrong ones!  Oh well, I look forward to find the the right ones sometime soon :)

First dives using Nitrox too this weekend.


(*1) There's an anchor in the sand just off the breakwater in about 15ft-20ft of water.  Not going to tell you how to find it :)

(*2) I'm sure someone will point out that getting sea water in your eyes is a bad idea as you could get some kind of aquatic infection.  I seem to remember someone saying that in the past!

(*3) I've already exceeded the 100, but I didn't have 100 logged.

Breakwater/San Carlos Beach, Monterey

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