Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nautilus Lifeline

Introduced at DEMA 2010, this Nautilus lifeline radio will revolutionize diving safety.

-The LED display shows your actual Latitude and Longitude to an incredible 1/10000th of a second (or about 20 feet)

- Chat button allows you to chat with the boat on a regular transmission channel

- The Boat button connects you to channel 16 to allow you to hail the boats in the area

- Depress the Distress button for three seconds and your coordinates and an emergency message are transmitted to every commercial vessel within 8 miles

- When closed the unit is water resistant to depth of 425ft allowing most divers to opportunity to take it on every dive

- When open the unit is resistant to a depth of  3 - 5 ft making it usable at the surface of the water

- The unit is charged via a USB port that also allows the user to interface with a laptop and download coordinates and change settings.

- These units are currently in production and will ship to stores in March of 2011

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