Monday, October 11, 2010

Started the Dive Master Mapping Project

Started the mapping project last weekend. Decided to do McAbee beach, as I like diving there.

Didn't go a smoothly as we had hoped, but actually I was satisfied overall. I think we made a reasonable start. Going to take a lot of trips to Monterey to get it finished though (IMHO).

As far as I can tell (using compass navigation and fin kicks), we actually mapped the area under water indicated by the smaller red dots on the image below.

McAbee Beach Satellite View
Click image for larger view

Shopping for Dive Gear

I didn't realize just how much dive gear you can get via!

There's a lot of stuff I would still want to buy from my local dive shop, to try for fit and check-out how it works, etc. But things like reels, floats, flags, etc., I'm sure is OK to buy online and save a few bucks.

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