Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great dive at the weekend

It was great to get back in the water at the weekend for a couple of dives.

First trip out with my new Atom 2.0, so it was a simple dive down at Monterey's Breakwater. We considered McAbee, but there was quite a swell there and the waves were washing very high up the beach, and quite large I should add!

Took a swim out to the Metridium fields (bloosee link). Visibility was quite good out there - for Monterey at least - we had about 20ft vis'. Found the Metridium field quite quickly, they're in about 50 ft of water.  Then we swam off on a 270degree barring and hit one of the old sardine pipes, which run from shore out to where the boats would unload (more info).

Second dive was along the wall of the breakwater. I know what you're thinking, diving at Breakwater when you've been diving 10+ years, sounds like a bit of a joke. But I have to say, there was a lot to see there. Great selection of crabs, decorator crabs, nudibraches, barnicles, rock fish, stars, the occasional seal and sealion. Another great thing - staying at 30 feet for the whole dive meant I didn't blow through my air in 35minutes, unlike the first dive.

Didn't take a camera, as I was focusing on the new computer, sorry no pictures to share.  Next time eh!

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Medusa Girl said...

Hi there! I just discovered your blog and and really like it. I'm a BlooSee user too and I just wanted to give you a tip: you can embed BlooSee maps in your blog the same way you would a YouTube video. Just use the share map feature from the explore tab and copy the link. Sometimes an image (a map) is worth a thousand words! Keep it up!